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TUSH shows beauty from an unexpected angle, from a different way. This issue is EXTREME! From fabulous cat-creations to deconstructed liplines, from glitter szenarios to supernatural studio setting. TUSH 41 shows everything the world of beauty has to give: raw, beautiful, extravagant and dirty. With influencer Caro Daur and personalities like Miss Fame this issue shows the diversity of people, next to upcoming supermodels like Johanna Defant. Creatives from all sides, including photographers and hair and make-up artists, produced a deeper, extremer outlook on Beauty.


Serena Becker, Lars Brønseth, Nico Bustos, Alexandra von Fuerst, Christine Hahn, Markus Jans, Julia et Vincent, Armin Morbach, Marcus Schäfer, Mikael Schulz, Bonnie Strange, Sabrina Theissen


Lex Brutalo, Ian Davenport, Rama Djafari, Jasper Heenan, Timo Weiner, Hedi Xandt


• 328 pages extreme outlook on beauty in words and photos
• over 20 editorials
• eight individual collector's covers
• coffee table book quality
• made and printed in Germany

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